Friday, November 16, 2012

Fresh Start

Apparently I cannot go to the old blog.  I cannot try to fill in the past year, and I cannot stand to see that old pitiful date staring back at me.  I cannot talk about the first year with the twins yet.  It is a too fresh pain that needs more time to become something beautiful.  I need a fresh start. I chose the name for this blog based on a devotion by Spurgeon that arrived in the mail from a friend during the twins time in the NICU.  It spurred us on.  Gave us hope to see "wonders" from The Lord.  Sometimes I feel like I am just wandering, but I have caught some breathtaking glimpses of His wonders.  Join me in wandering among the wonders.


  1. Eager to continue keeping in touch across the miles.

  2. Glad you're back :) Love hearing your heart through your writings.